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Juicykits.com’s own formula of plant food, made just for succulents, cacti, and air plants living in small spaces. We’ve formulated this plant food to be gentle on the plants’ roots during feedings. Our balanced fertilizer formula helps plants grow thick and plump while helping keep away pests.

Comes in a 1 oz. bottle with dropper or a larger 4 oz. refill bottle with screw-on cap.

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During the spring and summer months, you should feed your succulents and cacti once every week or two. All you need is one to two drops for each one cup of water. Mix well and apply to the soil around your plants. Juicykits Plant Food is a balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium) that is formulated at the perfect strength for desert plants like succulents and cacti. Learn more care tips for succulents and cacti.

For tillandsia air plants, use just half the amount of Juicykits Plant Food for best results. Mix the Juicy Plant Food into a bowl or pot and soak the air plants in the solution no more than once per month. Learn how to care for air plants.

The formula comes in an amber glass bottle to keep harmful sunlight from zapping the nutrients inside, so store it in a shady place but not the alley downtown. Our 1 ounce size bottle includes a precise glass dropper to make it easy to measure each feeding. The larger 4 ounce bottle comes with a screw-on cap that allows you to refill your dropper bottle when needed. The larger bottle can be kept in the refrigerator to help extend its shelf life. Happy times feeding your succulents and air plants!

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