What’s in a Juicykits.com Succulent Terrarium Kit?

Succulent Terrarium Kit

Juicykits’ DIY Succulent Terrarium Kits come with everything you need to create a beautiful, low-maintenance terrarium. We curate only high quality, well-designed vessels and you get to choose the succulents and cacti that you want in your tiny self-contained garden. Watch our video or read on, juicy friends.

What’s in a Juicykits.com Succulent Terrarium Kit?

Each kit comes packaged and shipped using mostly recycled or reused materials. Plants are safely packed in a bed of shredded paper to keep them from bruising and breaking during transit.

Each Juicy Kit Includes:
What's in a Juicykits.com Succulent Terrarium Kit?[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • Your vessel or container of choice
  • The right number of plants to fill your vessel
  • Pebbles for drainage
  • Activated Charcoal to keep drained water clean
  • Juicykits.com potting soil blend
  • Biodegradable divider sheet separates soil from drainage
  • Preserved moss to use as decorative ground cover
  • Cute blank greeting card with kit instructions

You can also add great terrarium accessories like our custom-designed terrarium tool kit, Juicykits plant food made just for succulents, and decorative sand or lava rock toppings to finish off your terrarium.


To learn how to make an awesome terrarium from one of our DIY kits, check out this article and video about How to Assemble a Juicykits.com Terrarium Kit. If you’d like to check out our selection of do-it-yourself succulent terrarium kits, please visit our store.


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