Fall in Love with Our Autumn 2013 Collection

As you embrace the cooling temperature and warm colored leaves, you’ll also fall in love with our Autumn 2013 Collection! This season’s collection features some unique designs with a European-inspired vintage feel.



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The Drifter is a natural, earthy driftwood centerpiece and The Birdcage is a vintage-style, shabby chic hanging piece. We’re also introducing Baby Bulb, a tiny colorful hanging air plant kit and The Beatlejuice, which features a spooky, cute succulent called the Pincushion Euphorbia.

The BeatlejuiceAlong with these new kits, we’re excited to introduce the Juicy Dirt Bag, the easiest way to grow succulents from cuttings. It’s included in the Drifter and Birdcage kits. The Juicy Dirt Bag is a bag of cactus mix made from landscaping fabric, so it’s durable yet allows water and nutrients to reach your succulents. Just poke a hole and insert a succulent cutting.

We’ve also added a few other things to our site which we think you’ll like:

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  • Enjoy the Succulent Threesome or the Succulent Six Pack! Now you can buy just the succulents that you want to use as replacement plants or to start a new project.
  • The Arrowhead and Baby Arrowhead are back! Because many of you asked, we’ve added these air plant kits to our permanent collection.
  • New succulents on our Plant Selection page. More awesome plants to add to your DIY kit.
  • And we’ll add some instructional videos in a week or so, so don’t miss out – join our mailing list below!

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