Hello 2014! New Product Update

Happy New Year! Happy Lunar New Year! Happy New JuicyKits.com Product Announcement Day! Thanks for your support and juicy love over the past 10 months that we’ve been in business. We’ve made some improvements around our online store that we think you’ll love:

Hello 2014!

1. All Succulent Terrarium Kits Upgraded

Some of our recent customers may have noticed that all of our DIY Succulent Terrarium Kits have been upgraded with better materials! Here are some of the cool improvements we made:

  • Sexier jet black pebbles to replace the black and gray ones
  • Stronger black polyester landscape fabric dividers last longer in your terrarium
  • Refined cactus mix formula with less white perlite speckles and a finer, more consistent texture
  • Nicer activated carbon pellets to replace our previous activated charcoal chips

Baby Roswell DIY Terrarium Kit for Air Plant

2. Welcome Baby Roswell to Our Permanent Collection

This is one of our coolest, most affordable designs to date! The shape of Baby Roswell’s glass was inspired by the mysteries of Area 51’s UFOs. We’ve added a choice of cool crushed glass or white sand and a spot of red moss to compliment a juicy green air plant. We think you’ll love it, so meet Baby Roswell here.

The Basics.

3. Get Just the Basics

If you already have a vessel and plants for your next terrarium project, you can now just get the basic materials from JuicyKits.com. The Basics includes pebbles, activated charcoal, cactus mix, and other essential materials to build a succulent or cactus terrarium. You can forget driving around town buying all this stuff. Spend that time sending us a postcard instead!

The Sideways DIY Succulent Terrarium Kit

4. Top 3 Best Sellers

We’ve moved our three best sellers to the top of our website, so you can always see the most popular items first. Simple.

Oh, and we’ve also upgraded our Multicolored Gemstones and our JuicyKits.com Plant Food is back in stock, yay! Have a wonderful 2014! We hope you like our products and the improvements we’ve made to them. :)


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