Introducing The Crybaby and More New Products

Meet The Crybaby, our newest most elegant DIY terrarium kit. The Crybaby is arriving on today along with several new products that we introduced recently. Watch the short video we made for The Crybaby and check out these other cute new products:

The Crybaby is a super sleek and modern design shaped like a teardrop. Made with high quality hand-blown glass, it’s perfect for 5 succulents of you choice. See more info about The Crybaby.

More New Products

The Arrowhead Air Plant Terrarium with Cool GlassThe Arrowhead is now available in “cool glass,” a color that has been very popular in our other air plant kits like Baby Roswell. See more new photos of The Arrowhead.

A pair of terrarium air plants, Tillandsia Brachycaulos Abdita, for sale at juicykits.comThe Brachy Bros is a pair of large 4-6 inch Brachycaulos air plants, whose thick green leaves will add a beautiful touch of green to every space. See the Brachy Bros.
The Bulbosa Buddies, a pair of tillandsia bulbosa air plants for sale on Juicykits.comThe Bulbosa Buddies also come in a pair, they are large exotic air plants that have tentacle-like leaves and amazingly colored blossoms when in bloom. Check out the Bulbosa Buddies.
Trio of Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plants  from Juicykits.comThe Air Plant Trio includes three small Ionantha air plants that you can put pretty much anywhere. They’re small enough to fit into a small tea cup that you no longer use. :) See the Air Plant Trio.
Decorative Sand for terrariums available in black, white, or natural colors.You can now get decorative sand in a natural color in addition to the black and white sand that we previously offered. The natural sand makes perfect desert scenes in your succulent terrarium. See the decorative sand.
Black Prince succulent from Juicykits.comWe’ve also added several new succulents and cacti to our plant selection so that you have more choices for your terrarium! Go to our Plant Selection and check out the echeveria black knight, black prince, the old man cactus, and more!

Tons of New Photos!

Baby Bulb hanging sir plant terrarium in 7 colors
We’ve added a bunch of new photos to many of our products, and it seems like you all really like seeing the Baby Bulb in all 7 of its available colors! Look around the store to see all the great new pics. Have a juicy week, everyone, and thanks a lot for your support!


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