Memorial Day Special: Free Juicykits Plant Food with Each Kit Memorial Day 2014 Free Plant Food SpecialSummer’s creeping up. Keep your succulents juicy during the hot season with Juicykits Plant Food! Get a free bottle of JuicyKits Plant Food with each kit ordered all Memorial Day Weekend, until May 26 at Midnight.

Normally $8 on our store, you can get a bottle of Juicykits Plant Food for free with any kit. You don’t have to do anything special, just order a succulent or air plant terrarium kit before the deadline and we’ll include your free gift. Our own formula of plant food is made just for succulents and cacti living in small spaces. We’ve formulated this plant food to be gentle on the plants’ roots during feedings. Our formula helps plants grow thick and plump while helping keep away pests.

During the spring and summer months, you should feed your succulents once every week or two. All you need is one drop for each one cup of water. Mix well and spray onto the soil around your plants. The formula comes in a 1 ounce amber glass bottle to keep harmful sunlight from zapping the nutrients inside. Check out Juicykits Plant Food or start shopping now.

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