How to Plant Succulents in Tall Skinny Containers

Want to learn how to plant a succulent into a tall or skinny terrarium container that’s hard to reach into? Check out our DIY tutorial for some nifty tricks that will help you pot your succulents into challenging vessels without getting dirt all over them or damaging them. If you’ve purchased a tall terrarium from such as The Moonshine or The Crybaby, or if you have a mason jar or tall vase you’re planning to put succulents into, this tutorial is for you.

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Potting Succulents Into Hard-To-Reach Containers Tutorial How to Plant Succulents in Tall Skinny ContainersWe have some pretty simple tips we wanna share with you, but they’re going to help you immensely! You may also find some of the tools we use in the tutorial helpful too. Here are the basic instructions for planting succulents into tall or skinny vessels:
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  1. Follow the basic process of putting in a drainage layer as seen in our How to Assemble a Terrarium Kit tutorial – up until the point where you start adding plants.
  2. Wrap the leafy part of your succulent in tissue paper, wax paper, or a paper towel. Leave the roots exposed and use a rubber band or tape to keep the wrapping paper in place.
  3. Lower your wrapped succulent into the vessel and add soil all around it. Our Soil Scoop might be helpful here. Pack the soil down using a tool like the bar spoon that comes in Juicykits Terrarium Tool Kit. Stop adding soil once it reaches the top of the roots but before it buries the leaves of the plant. Add any other decorative topping to the soil at this point.
  4. Use a pair of scissors or long blade to cut the rubber band or tape off of your paper wrapping. Remove the rubber band using long tweezers like the ones we have in our Terrarium Tool Kit. Then carefully unwrap and remove the paper. Give your terrarium a couple shakes or taps to flatten out the soil and you’re DONE!
  5. Show off your new awesome creation by posting on social media and tagging @Juicykits. :)

One final, kind of obvious tip: For these tricky containers, don’t choose plants that are fragile or too big or weird shapes. Go with simple, hearty echeverias or cacti.


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