Summer’s Here! Get Free Juicykits Plant Food During July

It’s summer and time to feed your succulents and air plants if you want them to stay juicy and colorful. Get a free bottle of Juicykits Plant Food with each kit order during July.

Screenshot of Free Plant Food for Succulents on Juicykits.comFeeding your succulents, cacti, and air plants during the warmer months is important to help keep them growing plump and strong. Most commercial fertilizer plant foods might cause chemical burn to small succulents growing in tight spaces. Juicykits Plant Food was formulated especially for these smaller succulents and desert plants, so that it’s gentle on their roots. We’ve made it really simple to measure small amounts – for each one cup of water, use one or two drops from the bottle’s glass eyedropper thingie. :P

Go to our Store and check out our terrarium kits.

No special codes needed. When you order a kit, just check the box to add Juicykits Plant Food when you add other accessories to your kit. See the screenshot on this page for an example. New video coming soon, so stay tuned. <3

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