3 DIY Tips for Watering Succulents & Terrariums

We’re in the middle of summer and we’ve received many questions about watering succulents and succulent terrariums. So here are some juicy DIY tips for watering your juicies without getting water spots on your terrarium glass and getting water into tiny places without making a mess. Check out our new video or read on.

This video shows you some simple ways to recycle and upcycle inexpensive, common materials like wine bottles to make useful succulent watering tools. These green gardening hacks include turning a basic water bottle into a more precise watering can that helps avoid water spots, an enhanced wine bottle that controls the flow of water and allows you to aim where water is poured, and lastly a different use for an inexpensive pesticide sprayer available at most hardware stores.

Tip 1. Regular Water Bottle with a Small Hole in the Cap

DIY tip: How to use a water bottle to water succulentsYou can recycle a regular water bottle to get a more controlled stream of water into your small succulent terrarium. Just use a corkscrew or thumb tack to puncture a hole in the lid and gently squeeze the bottle to squirt. Hehe.

Tip 2. Wine or Soda Bottle with Liquor Pouring Cap

DIY Tip: How to Use a Liquor Pourer to water succulentsIf you have a larger terrarium or several containers to water, you can use a wine bottle, soda or water bottle. You can now get a liquor pouring cap as part of our custom Terrarium Tool Kit or buy a few from your local home store. Secure it to the top of your recycled bottle, and slowly pour water into your succulents. We like this solution because we can use our favorite wine bottle with a pretty label.

Tip 3. Garden Pesticide Sprayer with Adjustable Nozzle

DIY Tip: How to use a pesticide sprayer to water succulentsFor those with lots of succulents and don’t care about over-spraying (for example, people with outdoor succulents), you can get a pesticide sprayer for about $10 at the hardware store. You have to manually pump air pressure into the sprayer, but it lets you spray a ton of water across a wide area. The long wand attachment lets you get up high to reach hanging succulents and the nozzle spray is adjustable from a thin jet to a wider array. We like the wide setting because it distributes water evenly.

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4 thoughts on “3 DIY Tips for Watering Succulents & Terrariums

  1. Jailton says:

    I just started working and getting This passion for cactis, succulents and airplants … It became my busyness as Well, but still a Lot question regarding my terraniums… This videos Its really helpful for me. Watering Its a challenge … I need the right tools as Well which i have placed some From you guys site cart. Thank you

  2. Alex says:

    These are great ideas, but I think I found another perfect solution for watering the succulents in my terraniums. I went to a beauty supply store and for $2 bought a hair color applicator bottle with a narrow tip. Allows me to get the water just to the soil without soaking the plants themselves, and it has a very slow/controlled flow of water. No water spots on the glass, and my succulents are doing great!

    • Bao says:

      Cool, Alex! I’m glad that worked for you. I guess the ones we tried were too generous with the amount of water they dispensed, but at $2 they’re worth another try. Thanks!

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