Welcome Autumn with Our Fall 2014 Collection!

Autumn is pretty much here and that could mean either vibrant fall colors or spooky funny gimmicks. Oh, and lotsa candy! Well, we’ve got something even sweeter for you today: Introducing our Fall 2014 Collection, including a Special Edition Sideways kit, the return of The Beatlejuice, and two sleek new terrarium designs! Oh, and free grave stones. Yup, keep reading…

[box type=”alert”]Our Fall Collection has gone away but we’ve added The Capitol Tower and Baby Capitol Tower to our permanent collection, yay![/box]

Juicykits.com Fall 2014 Collection of DIY terrarium kits

For us here in Southern California, there aren’t that many leaves changing colors unless we’re talking about our record-breaking drought. It’s a good thing we have succulents that barely need any water to stay juicy. So let’s take a look at what’s new for your juicy succulents to live in.

The Capitol Tower DIY terrarium kit for succulents

Introducing The Capitol Tower

Our brand new, and our largest, terrarium kit ever! Inspired by the Capitol Records building and its classic music industry glamor, the Capitol Tower kit features a giant 10″ handmade glass and 5 succulents of your choice. Come admire its fabulousness.

Baby Capitol Tower

It’s the 3-succulent baby brother of the Capitol Tower and it’s been priced to go on every desk in your office. ;)
Meet the baby.

The Beatlejuice Euphorbia Kit

The Beatlejuice is Back!

We’re so excited to be able to get all the materials we need to offer The Beatlejuice DIY kit again this fall. It’s such a crazy and naturally spooky Euphorbia Ferox plant with a mini version of the Sideways glass and awesome black sand. Oh and some colored gems too! Witness The Beatlejuice!

The Fall Special Edition Sideways

Autumn Special Edition Sideway DIY Terrarium Kit for SucculentsGet our best-selling kit, The Sideways, with a pre-designed bouquet of autumn succulents for $50 instead of the normal $56. It also comes with a cute little tombstone toy for your Halloween decorating pleasure. See The Fall Special.

Free Tiny Tomb Stones Toys!

Let’s stay focused on the creepy fun stuff, like free mini gravestones for every succulent terrarium kit (air plant kits and accessories don’t count) purchased until October 31! Haha, look how cute these are! They’re cast in resin, then hand painted for maximum spookiness. For the fall festivities, you can drop these into your terrarium to make a creepy Halloween scene, and if you’re not year-round creepsters like us, I guess you could remove them after the holiday…
Gravestone or Tombstone toy figurine for terrarium


This is all really fun stuff that makes us love our job! We hope you love all this new stuff and we hope you can share us with your friends. Thanks!


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