Bao Vo’s Interview on The Life of an Entrepreneur

Get to know your favorite juicy guy! co-founder Bao Vo recently appeared on the internet radio show The Life of an Entrepreneur with Jan McCarthy to speak about balancing creativity, business, and personal fulfillment. Along with running the’s e-commerce site, Bao also writes and produces music and loves to put his design experience to use whenever possible. Bao also talks about how he manages to enjoy regular life away from work. The 60 minute interview is available on video and audio formats.

There’s an opportunity anywhere as long as you’re creative…

During the interview at Downtown LA’s Skid Row Studios, Jan McCarthy and Bao Vo discuss a variety of topics including Bao’s history as a creative professional, tips on how to start and maintain your own business, inspirational outlooks on work-life balance, and how launching a new product compares to making a pop song.

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Bao explains that as a first-generation Vietnamese-American, he found art and creativity to be a personal outlet that didn’t require a lot of money. After being educated at Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (ACCD), Bao worked as a designer and creative director for various marketing agencies in Los Angeles before leaving to pursue his music and entrepreneurial projects, including his band Ming & Ping and a cool little website where people can choose a beautiful DIY terrarium kit and the succulents that go into it.

About starting, Bao says that the idea came from an off-the-cuff remark about not wanting to make terrariums for a living but instead letting people make their own. Bao used his design skills to create the unique packaging that’s DIY succulent terrarium kits come in. Inspired by advice from AppSumo’s Noah Kagan, Bao decided to not wait until everything was perfect, but instead he asked his circle of friends to help test the small number of products and to spread the word about his new website.

On success and failure, Bao sees them both as a success in that everything is a growth opportunity–it just takes longer sometimes to realize the value of what’s traditionally considered a failure. A success can also become a failure if you don’t recognize how to grow from it.

About maintaining a healthy work-life balance Bao says that it’s important to focus on the current task at hand, when it comes to personal interactions. This includes putting aside your smartphone, at times, in order to fully appreciate the people and activities you love. Also, some time completely away from work really helps, but most importantly to find creative ways to turn doing what makes you happy into what earns you income. Bao also expresses his love for Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), its history, eclectic residents, and creative businesses.

The show’s very sweet and interesting host, Jan McCarthy is the founder of the blog Entrepreneurial Voice, the Market Director and Owner of Ladies Who Launch (Los Angeles and Orange Counties), and a partner in CRAVE Los Angeles. Jan’s inspiring career as an entrepreneur is even more impressive when you learn that she is also a professor, television host, author, blogger, and public speaker. She dedicates much of her time to help nurture young entrepreneurs and helping women succeed in the business world.


Thanks a lot to Jan and Entrepreneurial Voice and Skid Row Studios, from the Juicykits team!


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