How to Assemble a Terrarium Kit

Assembling a Terrarium Kit

How easy is it to make a succulent terrarium using a DIY terrarium kit from Putting together a Juicykits terrarium takes around 30-45 minutes. Just lay down some newspaper and get creative. You can watch our short how-to video or read the instructions below.

Super easy instructions:

  1. Wipe your glass vessel clean, then add about 1” of pebbles and mix in a couple spoonfuls of activated charcoal to create a fresh drainage system.
  2. Cut the sheet of landscaping fabric to size and shape so that it roughly covers the layer of pebbles. Place that sheet on top of your pebbles to prevent too much dirt from falling into the drainage.
  3. Add about half an inch of cactus mix then arrange plants to look awesome.
  4. Add more cactus mix to cover all the roots and form the topography that you like. Pat the soil down firmly to set the succulents in place. Don’t squish the roots too hard!
  5. Decorate the top surface with a layer of preserved moss, clean sand, rocks and gems, or whatever else makes you happy.
  6. Display your terrarium in a place with lots of indirect sunlight. Water once every week or two, or when the soil looks completely dry. Learn more about How to Care for Your Succulent Terrarium.

JuicyKits052You may also find that our Terrarium Tool Kit has all the tools you need to assemble your succulent terrarium kit. We’ve personally designed this kit to include a high quality spoon and tweezers, perfect for moving dirt and plants around in a small area. The kit comes with a bunch of great stuff inside a drawstring bag.

If you’d like more help, take a look at our “Tips and Instructions” blog area, or leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to give you a few pointers. Don’t forget to check our store for super nice Terrarium Kits and Accessories.

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How to Assemble a Succulent Terrarium Kit


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  3. Sherry Campbell says:

    None of your instructions tell me if I should water right after planting. Should I? We did not use one of your kits.

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