How To Make A Living Picture Frame With Succulents

Ever wanted to plant succulents into a picture frame? We’ll show you how easy it is to make a Living Picture Frame with succulents in about 10 minutes using our awesome DIY kit. Living frames, like vertical gardens and green walls, are meant to be hung up like a piece of juicy art. They’re an amazing way to show off juicy succulents indoor or outdoor. If you don’t have our DIY kit, we’ll also show you how to do it with your own materials – it just takes a little longer. Read on and watch our video!

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Kit Components

Materials for Succulent Living Picture Frame DIY Kit by
Buy the Succulent Living Picture Frame DIY Kit

You can buy a complete Living Picture Frame DIY kit in our shop here or you can get each of these components separately on your own. Let’s take a look at all the pieces involved.

  • The Picture Frame Assembly: It’s a picture frame in front of a wooden box about 3 inches deep. The front has a metal wire mesh that holds the succulents in place and the box part is where your soil goes. The frame that comes in our kit is extra special because it has a couple of cool bonus features – a hinged door so soil goes in MUCH easier and hanging brackets on the back so you can easily display it anywhere you put a picture frame.
  • Succulent Cuttings: In our kit, we’ve selected a very nice variety of succulents for different shapes and colors. You can make your own succulent cuttings by cutting off the tops of older succulents and letting the wound dry for a day or two. Tear off any bottom leaves so that about an inch of the stem is exposed to stick into the soil.
  • Cactus Soil Mix: This is a special potting soil designed for succulents and cacti. It drains quickly and has lots of pockets for air flow. If you just have regular garden potting soil, consider buying an aggregate like perlite or pumice to mix into the soil for better draining.
  • Landscaping Fabric: We use this corn-based landscaping fabric to line the inside of the picture frame box to hold the soil and keep our project from getting messy.

Easy 4-Step Instructions

You basically just fill the box with soil, insert succulent cuttings, and let the roots grow out before hanging. The main part takes about 10 minutes and then you have to wait a couple of weeks for the succulents to take root before they can be hung vertically.

Juicykits Living Picture Frame Instructions Step 1


  • Step 1: Open the picture frame door and cover the inside of the box with landscaping fabric. Cut around the edges where the fabric sticks out of the box. If your picture frame box doesn’t have a door, you can skip this step altogether.

Juicykits Living Picture Frame Instructions Step 2


  • Step 2: Fill the fabric-covered inside of the box totally full with soil. Pat the soil down firmly then close the door. If your soil is dry and dusty, you can mix in half a cup of water before adding it to the frame box. If your picture frame box doesn’t have a door, you’ll have to push the soil through the metal mesh using your hands and fingers.

Juicykits Living Picture Frame Instructions Step 4


  • Step 3: Using the end of the paintbrush or some other kind of stick, poke a hole into the soil then push the stem part of the succulent cutting into the hole. Do this until the entire front of the frame is covered with succulents. You can pack the succulents pretty snugly together and feel free to remove and rearrange them until you’re happy.

Juicykits Living Picture Frame Instructions Step 4


  • Step 4: Water the plants slowly and evenly with 2-3 cups of water then place your watered frame lying down in a bright place with lots of indirect or partial sunlight. Leave it for at least 2 weeks so the roots grow out and bond to the soil – we recommend 3-4 weeks. If your sunlight comes from a single direction, you may want to rotate the frame every few days for even growth. After that, hang your Living Picture Frame anywhere!



Your succulent Living Picture Frame will last for years under the right light and water conditions. Make sure you let the frame dry out completely between waterings. You can tell when your frame needs water when you see the tallest plants start to wrinkle – before then, you don’t need to water. Remember that the frame will be heavy when you water it, so you may want to take it off the wall before watering. You can trim plants that grow too large or remove and replace any plants that might die.

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