How To Repot A Succulent In 1 Minute

As succulents get older they may outgrow their pots or terrarium. Spring and Summer are the best times to repot your succulents, cacti, and other plants. That’s because it’s the time of year when plants are experiencing their growth spurt and also because the weather is much friendlier to the traumatic experience of moving to a new, unfamiliar home. Here’s a quick and nifty tip to help you repot some of your smaller succulents and other plants faster than ever. Watch the video and read on for more.

Ideally, outdoor succulents in pots should be repotted once a year. But ain’t nobody got time for that! We like to repot only when we see the roots getting too large for the container, which is every 2-3 years in our experience. We do like to push the limits because big juicy succulents in cute little containers always look so much cuter!

Succulent Repotting Instructions

How To Repot Succulents In 1 Minute by #1Like we said in the intro, repotting is a bit of a traumatic experience for the plants’ roots, especially for younger plants. Our video demonstrates how you can quickly and easily repot a baby succulent to a larger pot. The process for older, larger succulents is a little different in that it requires removing the old soil and pruning away dead leaves and roots. We’ll talk about this in a separate post, but for now here are the easy steps to repot a smaller succulent or cactus into a larger pot.

How To Repot Succulents In 1 Minute by #2


  • Step 1: Carefully remove your succulent from its old pot and set it aside. It’s okay for some of the soil to fall off.
How To Repot Succulents In 1 Minute by #3


  • Step 2: Fill your larger pot with soil so that the tops of both pots are at an even level. Pat the soil down firmly and leave the smaller pot sitting inside the larger pot.
How To Repot Succulents In 1 Minute by #4


  • Step 3: Fill around the smaller pot with soil and press down firmly until the soil reaches the top of your large pot. It’s okay to get soil into the smaller pot. Once you’ve filled the new pot with soil, remove the smaller pot carefully so that you leave a hole in the soil in the larger pot in the shape of the previous pot.
How To Repot Succulents In 1 Minute by #5


  • Step 4: Drop your succulent and its root ball into the hole you made in the large pot. Pat the soil down firmly and add more soil around the plant if needed.
How To Repot Succulents In 1 Minute by #6


  • All Done: Don’t water your succulent for at least a week while your succulent adjusts to its new home. Now do a little happy dance and enjoy your happy succulent friend. :)

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