Cozy Up to Our Fall 2015 Collection

Our Fall Collection this year introduces some beautiful, versatile, and easy-as-pumpkin-pie DIY terrarium kits! Check out our great new small air plant terrariums that will make perfect gifts: Baby Egg and The D20. We’ve also added Big Ol’ Dollop, the extra-stuffed big sister of The Dollop succulent terrarium. Plus a few new accessories and a new air plant, the Medusa’s Head tillandsia as well as…. wait for it… Juicykits T-Shirts! Yay!!!

Juicykits in Do-It-Yourself Magazine by Better Homes and GardenSummer was awesome and our totally-sold-out Living Picture Frame kits were a big hit! We made lots of new friends on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. And, and, and, also, plus we just have to show off our Big Ol’ Egg terrarium in the pages of Better Homes and Garden’s “Do It Yourself Magazine!” If you get a chance to pick up a copy at your local bookstore or subscribe, check out Big Ol’ Egg and its tiny dinosaur friend on page 55. Did you see us in the magazine? Leave us a comment!

And now (drum roll) let’s take a look at exciting new products and changes for Fall 2015. Fall 2015 Collection of DIY Terrarium Kits with Succulents and Air Plants

Baby Egg! OMG!

Baby Egg Air Plant Terrarium with Black SandDo you realize how excited we’ve been for several weeks while we were waiting to show you Baby Egg??? It’s possibly one of the cutest and most affordable DIY terrarium kits we’ve ever had on! Baby Egg is a 4″ version of The Egg and Big Ol’ Egg, and it shows off a gorgeous green air plant. You can choose from 4 different colors of sand and it’s priced to be the perfect gift!
Come gawk at Baby Egg in all its colors >

The D20

The D20, 20-sided geometric glass terrarium with tillandsia air plantIf you’re as nerdy as we are, you’ll totally get the name D20. If you’re a mere mortal, you’ll still love the new D20 hanging terrarium and its awesome new air plant called Tillandsia caput-medusae aka “Medusa’s Head.” Chubby, gnarly, and fuzzy – just like some of the relatives you’ll have over for Thanksgiving! The D20 comes in black or white. We think the D20 is going to make a great gift this Fall.
Dig in to The D20 >

Big Ol’ Dollop

Big Ol' Dollop DIY succulent terrarium kit by Juicykits.comBig Ol’ Dollop is even bigger, juicier, and just as cute as the regular sized Dollop. It comes stuffed with 6 succulents and has such an adorable shape, kinda like the puff of whipped cream on your favorite Fall desert.
Get a taste of Big Ol’ Dollop >

The Best-Selling Arrowhead in Black

The Arrowhead Air Plant Terrarium with Black SandThe Arrowhead air plant terrarium now comes in a striking black color in addition to the three existing color options: white crushed glass, natural sand, and cool glass. Everything else is the same, including the juicy air plants, sea urchins, and colorful moss. Oh and the price is the same too. :)
Go for seconds of The Arrowhead >

5 Colorful Juicykits T-Shirts Tee Shirt by American Apparel in Raspberry RedNow you can show off your juicyness with a Juicykits t-shirt. We’ve chosen 5 vibrant colors to compliment our cute logo. Our shirts come in sizes from XS to XXXL. They’re printed on fine cotton jersey American Apparel shirts that are made right down the street (literally) in Downtown Los Angeles. If you get a t-shirt, share a photo and tag #juicykits and we’ll repost it (with your permission, of course)!
See our new Tee >

Three New Accessories

As mentioned, we added a new type of air plant to our store called The Medusa Sisters – a pair of awesome Tillandsia caput-medusae air plants that are big, fat and twisted! Haha, just saying…

Also, our Jet Black Lava Rock now has a natural white counterpart. You can order our bonsai-quality lava rock topping in Jet Black or Natural White.

Lastly, we’ve added another cool terrarium topping made of chunky 1/2 inch Decorative Glass Chips in black and white colors. This will give you more choices for dressing your DIY succulent or air plant terrariums.
See our new Accesories >

Huge Improvements to Our Website!

Product Ratings and Reviews, Finally!

We’ve been working really hard to add ratings and reviews to our products to help everyone make a better buying decision on Now it’s LIVE! We’re going to give away some $50 gift certificates to people who leave a review before Halloween. We’ll send out a reminder next week.

Other Website Improvements

Now, when you choose a color option for most of our products, you’ll see the image change to reflect your selection. Try it with Baby Egg. We’ve also added more details on product pages, improved naming in our navigation menu, and all our kits have helpful instructions on how to order and choose your plants. Even our Succulents Menu has better instructions to help people order. You’re welcome. LOL!

Bye bye Juicykits Limited

After a 1-year trial of Juicykits Limited, we’ve decided to retire the section and instead display the limited edition kits with a little badge that says “Limited.” This change will be taking effect in the next couple of weeks. If you’re still reading this, we’re going to reward you with a little secret – we’re going to replace Juicykits Limited with another program we’ve been working on whose code name is “Cake Topper.” Can you guess what it’ll be? Tell us in the comments.


Phew, that was a lotta stuff just for Fall! Can’t wait till the Winter 2015 Collection. Have anything in mind? Leave us a comment! And please don’t forget to share with your friends using the buttons below. Thanks and keep it juicy!

~ Team Juicy


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