Gift Guide: Gifts for Succulent Lovers

What’s the best gift for the succulent lover who already lives in a jungle of succulents? More succulents, of course! But maybe these creative interpretations of succulents will help you be a little more unexpected with your gift giving. Behold the succulent gift guide! We’ve found the best succulent inspired gifts for the succulent lovers in your life. Check them out!

Succulent Candle

Finally, a succulent you can smell. Yay! Stored in a beautifully crafted container, the candles are made of a soy wax blend and come in three different scents. They also look great as a tabletop accessory. Succulent Candle ($28 – $32)

Echeveria Coasters by Juicykits

Juicykits Echeveria Coasters on Wooden Table
Love all the pictures of #succulents that you see on the Echeveria Coasters Set of 8 ($16)

Felt Succulents Kit

Give your crafty friends an opportunity to make some succulents. This DIY felt succulent kit gives you materials to make 18 felt succulents. This is a great project for grown-ups to do with kids. Felt Succulents Kit ($20)

Terrarium Goddess Tote Bag featuring artwork by Allison Ranieri

Farmers' Market with Terrarium Goddess Tote Bag with Illustration by Allison Ranieri
Let your succulent loving friend take their terrarium wherever they go with this super cute Terrarium Goddess Tote Bag by Juicykits artist Allison Ranieri. It’s perfect for the farmers’ market, going to the gym, or on a picnic. Terrarium Goddess Tote Bag ($28)

Succulent Greeting Cards

Send your friends a little love in the mail with these vibrant succulent greeting cards. They’re a great way to remind your juicy friends that they brighten up your life. Succulent Greeting Card Set of 10 ($32.99)

Felt Succulent Magnet Set

These handmade felt succulent magnets are super adorable! They’re a great way to dress up a plain fridge or a magnetic white board in the office. Felt Succulent Magnet Set of 3 ($22.50)

Succulent Coloring Books

Coloring books are back! No longer just for elementary school kids practicing their motor skills, these succulent coloring books are a great way to relax and destress. Here are a few of our favorite succulent inspired coloring books.


International Arrivals Color-In’ Book, Travel Size, Cactus & Succulents ($9.67)[/threecol_one_last]

Dahlia Candle Holder

Not a succulent, but we love the shape of this Dahlia Candle Holder – it’s reminiscent of one of our favorite echeverias. Gift this with some tea lights and a bottle of bubble bath for your friend that needs much-deserved me-time. Dahlia Candle Holder ($24.95)

Plants Are Friends Tank Top

Now your friends can show their love for succulents, cacti, and plants with this super comfy tank top. Wear it to the gym or lounging around the house, it’s perfect for every occasion. Plants Are Friends Tank Top ($15.95)

Succulent Ring

Give your friends a juicy gift they can wear all the time! This super cute succulent ring features handmade porcelain leaves and a beautiful, bright green color. Succulent Ring ($20)

Set of 3 Echeveria Prints by Aaron Apsley

Need to add some life to bare walls? These 10″ x 10:” archival prints by the incredible Aaron Apsley feature some of your favorite echeverias: Echeveria lilacina, Echeveria Lola, Echeveria agavoides. Aaron’s succulent watercolors sure to bring joy to any room. You can also follow @apsley_watercolor on Instagram Succulent Prints by Aaron Apsley ($86)

Succulent Tea Light Candles

Chill out with these succulent tea light candles. Dim the lights and these succulent candles will provide the perfect me-time ambiance. They look pretty cute inside our Amethyst Crystal Votive too! Succulent Tea Light Candles Set of 4 ($17.99)

Succulent Table Linen Collection

Set the perfect table with these Succulent Table Linens. Go all out with succulent napkins, succulent placements, and a succulent table runner. This set makes an awesome housewarming or wedding gift for the succulent addict. Succulent Table Linen Collection ($15.96 – $24.99)

Succulent Napkin Ring

Looking for a housewarming gift for a succulent lover? Or just want a more subtle way to display your love for succulents? Make your next dinner party a little juicier with this succulent napkin ring.  Succulent Napkin Ring ($3.99)

Succulent Topped Bottle

Simple and elegant, these succulent topped bottles are a great addition to any home. The mirrored glass bottles feature a succulent top that comes in three colors and they can be used as a simple decoration or as a vase for some flowers. Try cutting the flowers off your succulents and showing them off in one of these bottles.Succulent Topped Bottle ($18 – $24)

Echeveria Pillow

Ever wanted to just squish a succulent because it’s so darn cute? Now you can with this custom printed Echeveria Pillow. These realistic looking pillows are custom printed on cotton canvas and will add a pop of juiciness to a sofa, bed, or lounge chair. Echeveria Pillow ($75)

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Have you found some cool gifts for succulent lovers? We want to hear all about them. Please leave us a comment below. If you loved this, check out our gift guide for cactus lovers! Subscribe to our mailing list for more succulent inspiration. :)

~ Team Juicykits

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