Back-story of Ownership Change

Hello, this is Moonhee, new business Owner, who recently inherited the torch from Juicykits founder, Bao. will be back online with a few products in the coming days. Let me tell you the backstory behind our company and our decision to take over

I founded Green & Black, Inc. in May of 2014, after years of experimenting with other business ideas, with the goal of making an outstanding and diverse floral business. I named my company Green & Black because most of the business ideas that I had when preparing the business related to “green’ plants and ‘black’ soil. Green and Black has four brands under the parent company that all focus on different services. will be our fifth brand – focusing on bringing you succulents and terrarium kits online.

As Bao was planning to leave for his new journey of music and arts, our company was planning to establish an online store, which we delayed for 2 years. So It seemed like perfect timing for both of us. God might have thought that I was too lazy to make an online store, so he just decided to hypnotize Bao to hand me the keys to the best online succulents shop!

Bao started a great foundation for a ship called Juicykits. I and my team will continue to work on that foundation, and will expand outward into the deep ocean. In short, you are going to see us on the edge of the wave.

Life is a journey for all of us! Please watch and support Bao and stay with us on our journey.

We want to celebrate it with 10% discount for one month. Please don’t forget to input coupon code “Journey” when you check out.

Thank you!

May 1, 2017  MoonHee Cho


Please click to see A letter from our Founder, Bao

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