$50 Gift Card


Share the juiciness by giving someone special this $50 Juicykits.com digital gift card. Use Juicykits.com gift cards on anything on our store, even sale items and even with other coupon codes. Once you check out, a unique code will be sent to the recipient’s email and they can use the gift card amount until it runs out. Cool huh?

Sorry, coupon codes do not apply to gift cards. See our gift card policy below.

Who’s The Lucky Recipient?

Tell us who you want this juicy gift to go to. Just to be safe, we’re going to ask for it again when you check out. ;)

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juicykits-policies-gift-cardsJuicykits.com Digital Gift cards can only be assigned to one recipient per gift card – you must enter the recipient’s email address at the time of purchase. We cannot transfer the gift card amount to another email address once it’s been purchased or our computer systems will explode. Our coupon codes do not apply to gift cards. We are able to create custom gift card amounts in increments of $50 ($200, $450, etc.). To request a custom amount, please contact us.


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