Baby Arrowhead


No longer available, please contact us if you really really want it.

Baby Arrowhead is a tiny glassful of sand, surf, and air. At 5″ tall, this mini beach scene features a bulbosa air plant that's super easy to care for. Just drop the little guy in a bath of fresh water once a week and he'll be happy!

The kit comes with everything pictured, including sand, moss, a bulbosa plant, and one little seashell. Just add your creative juices and you'll have an awesome, hassle-free gift.

Orders $150 and above receive free domestic shipping! Sorry, we're not allowed to ship plants outside of the continental US.


Save Up To 50% on Accessories

Get up to 50% off accessories when you add them to this kit. Some items such as moss or sand require that you specify the color during checkout.

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