Bonsai Hex


Add some Zen-like juiciness to your space. Bonsai Hex is a beautiful hexagonal bonsai pot – a perfect DIY kit for a bonsai-style succulent arrangement. Bonsai Hex's handmade pot is glazed with a shiny midnight blue finish and is looks awesome with succulents or cacti. Measuring at 6″ across and almost 3″ tall, it's a good size for an for indoor or outdoor tabletop Japanese garden. Bonsai Hex makes a perfect gift for those black thumbs who need a spot of green in their space.

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Bonsai Hex measures roughly 6″ in diameter by 3″ tall. The pot has a drainage hole, so don’t water while it’s sitting on anything that can get damaged.

This kit includes:

  • Hand-made ceramic bonsai pot with drainage
  • One succulent of your choice. We’ll send a larger one for this kit.
  • 1 lb. potting soil blend
  • 8 oz. jet black lava rock topping
  • 2″ square of bonsai mesh to keep soil from falling through the drainage hole
  • A cute little blank note card with instructions on the back


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