Decorative Sand


Choose between black, white, or natural colored sand to top off your Juicy terrarium kit for extra drama. You may also use this decorative sand to layer in between potting soil. Nope, this is not the same sand you can dig up on the playground – it's been washed and sanitized so your succulents don't get infected with some weird bacteria or fungus.

Each order includes one pound (1 lb) of sand, which should be enough to top off 3 small terrarium kits or one large kit. If you're looking for a coarser topping for your project, try our glass chips or bonsai lava rock.

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The coarse black sand is made from crushed obsidian. Yes, obsidian like from a cool volcano, boom! The black, reflective material adds a sexy glimmer to your terrarium when mixed into the soil or added on top of the soil.

The coarse white sand is made from crushed glass. It’s a similar translucent white to uncooked rice and it looks beautiful as a top layer to your terrarium soil.

The natural sand ranges from off-white to tan to dark brown. The texture is more even and a bit finer than the black or white sand – the grains are about the size of the poppy seeds from your morning bagel.


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