Euphorbia Polygona “Snowflake”

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The Euphorbia Polygona “Snowflake” is an extra special pale version of an already special euphorbia plant. The snowflake is a very hardy and drought-tolerant succulent that's stiff and spiny. The few that we have in stock are about 5-6 inches tall and will grow very slowly up to 18 inches tall. They may also grow smaller babies on the side, whic can be broken off to form new plants.

The snowflake is named for its pale grayish-green color. The spines are also lightly colored, but could sometimes have hints of purple. In the right conditions, the snowflake produces tiny flowers that are an amazing purple color. It requires a good amount of sun, although super hot afternoon sun can burn it if left for too long. As with other euphorbias, the snowflake will need a very well drained soil like the cactus mix that we provide with the kit. It needs very little or no water throughout most of the year, and just occasional watering in the hot summer months. The white sap that comes out when a euphorbia plant is cut or broken is toxic, so don't get it in your mouth or eyes and make sure you wash your hands.

The Euphorbia Polygona “Snowflake” kit comes with a 4 inch cube pot in matte black or matte white, 1 lb of Juicykits cactus mix, 1/2 lb of jet black lava rock, and a cute little note card. Supplies are limited, so don't wait to order.

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