Living Picture Frame


Hang your picture perfect succulents in a Living Picture Frame! We've commissioned a very limited number of these awesome DIY succulent picture frame kits so you can show off your succulent masterpiece like a painting. Our wooden succulent picture frames are hand crafted with a hinged door so it's easy to fill them with soil and easy to replace when needed. You can lean your frame against a wall or even hang it using the metal hanging brackets on the back. The wood has a waxy surface that repels water during feedings. Living Picture Frames are a beautiful way to showcase succulents like a green wall indoor or outdoor.

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*** This kit was part of our Summer Collection and is now sold out. Sorry! ***


Save Up To 50% on Accessories

Get up to 50% off accessories when you add them to this kit. Some items such as moss or sand require that you specify the color during checkout.


Each DIY succulent picture frame kit comes with more than enough soil and all other materials you'll need. The smaller size measures 8.5″ by 12″ and about 2.5″ deep. It comes with about 30-40 of succulent cuttings. The larger size is about 10″ by 14″ and comes with 50-60 succulent cuttings. We include simple assembly and care instructions plus there's a more detailed article and instructional video on our blog entry “How To Make A Living Picture Frame With Succulents“. Please note that before hanging your Living Picture Frame you have to let the succulents grow roots, which takes at least 2 weeks (3-4 weeks for stronger roots).

Please give us a couple of extra days to gather the perfect succulent cuttings for your order. Hope you love these, we only have a few in stock. :)


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