Ming Thing Cactus

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The Ming Thing Cactus (cereus peruvianus “Monstrosus”) is also known as the monstrose apple cactus. It's a very interesting cactus with a branching, treelike form that almost looks like folding skin. The cacti we have in stock are roughly 4-6 inches tall but they grow up to 15 feet tall when older. Ming Thing produces big, beautiful night-blooming white flowers and orange fruits that are edible.

Like most cacti, the Ming Thing needs very little water and grows mostly in the Spring and Summer. Just wait until the soil gets completely dry before giving it a thorough watering. In the Fall and Winter, you don't have to water at all. Ming Thing loves bright sun with partial shade and enjoys the heat too. :)

The Ming Thing Cactus kit comes with a 4 inch cube pot in matte black or matte white, 1 lb of Juicykits cactus mix, 1/2 lb of jet black lava rock, and a cute little note card. Supplies are limited, so don't wait to order.

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