Reindeer Moss


The finishing touch for your air plant or succulent terrarium! Our awesome reindeer moss adds a vibrant dash of color to your terrarium project. This all-natural, preserved moss is soft and easy to tear to the right shape and size. It’s available in seven different colors, including our newest color Hot Pink! Our moss comes in an air tight resealable rice paper bag. You can see all the moss colors in our Juicy Froots mini terrariums.

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Each bag comes with 1.5 ounces of preserved reindeer moss, which is roughly the size of a softball or around 3.5 cubic inches. That’s enough moss to decorate at least 4 medium size terrariums. Phew, math!

Our reindeer moss is dyed and preserved with natural ingredients like glycerin, so it stays soft and keeps its color over time. Because reindeer moss is a material sourced from nature, there will be variations in color and shape. Some of the darker colors such as red and purple may stain surrounding objects over time. We’ve done our best to remove all other organic materials from the moss, but sometimes you may find a pine needle or a tiny piece of a leaf. Just pick it out if it bothers you. Hehehe!


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