Succulent Wreath


Juicy Holidays! For a limited time, we've commissioned these amazing succulent wreaths to be made for our customers all over the country! These are not DIY kits, but pre-assembled holiday wreaths made with succulents. Tons of juicy succulents are painstakingly planted into a moss ring, then the roots are allowed to grow for several months before they're ready to ship to your door. You can hang them anywhere or use them as a tabletop centerpiece, even with a candle at the center. Quantities are limited, so please place your order now.

Orders $150 and above receive free domestic shipping! Sorry, we're not allowed to ship plants outside of the continental US.


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The succulent wreath is an awesome and juicy decoration for your home or office! The smaller size wreath measures approximately 9 inches across and includes a plastic soaking tray. The larger size is about 13 inches and comes attached to a rigid metal ring, so that you can hang and water it without worrying about it losing its shape. Each wreath comes with care instructions so you can enjoy your wreath well passed the holiday season.

The wreath can be used for weeks and months, and even decorated for special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. For decorations, you can place a candle in the center, a hurricane lamp filled with ornamental pieces, or a big bow. Place the wreath on a platter or other material in order to protect your tabletop or wall surfaces from moisture. The wreath can be hung on a door or wall. Let your creative juices flow!

Taking care of your wreath is simple. Give it ample light. Natural light is preferred but avoid extended amounts of direct, hot sun. Sunlight helps the colors stay vibrant and prevent the plants from stretching. Water only when the moss ring is completely dry. You can water by first removing the wreath, if it’s being hung, then sprinkling or immersing the base into water. As the wreath grows, you may want to trim taller succulents with a sharp clean blade in order to keep the desired shape.


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