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For succulent lovers who only need a full-spectrum light bulb without a lighting fixture, the Sun Blaster is a fave. The Sun Blaster bulb made by Future Harvest Development fits in any standard light socket, so you can use a lamp that you already have. These special full-spectrum horticultural bulbs were designed to help plants stay healthy by giving off light in all colors of the light spectrum, unlike regular bulbs that mainly provide a yellow-orange light which does little for plants’ photosynthesis process. The 26 Watt CFL bulb is equivalent to a 100-130 Watt incandescent bulb, but stays cooler, uses much less energy, and lasts thousands of hours longer. In fact, this bulb costs less than 15 cents per month to leave on 6hr every day.

The Sun Blaster Grow Light Bulb is delivered separately by one of our partners protected in a blister pack that's perforated so you can easily pull a flap to remove the bulb (we hate blister packs too). If you're looking for a ready-to-use grow light fixture, try the Dayspot Grow Light Kit.

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Since the Sun Blaster Grow Light Bulb has a relatively lower wattage, we recommend positioning the bulb around 6 inches from your thicker succulents and 8-9 inches away from more delicate succulents. To help succulents grow plump and juicy and have better color, we recommend giving your plants at least 6 hours of daylight per day. So if you live in a place where the sun isn’t out much, a full-spectrum horticultural lighting system will help you provide that light. Just make sure to be use it in a safe place away from water and kiddos! For more artificial lighting tips and video of this light, check our blog article on Grow Light Basics: Artificial Lighting for Succulents & Cacti.


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