The Arrowhead Holiday Edition

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Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or just winter with your friends and family, The Arrowhead terrarium is now specially designed for your holidays! Inside the 7″ tall arrow-shaped glass lives a refreshing winter scene featuring three air plants that are super easy to care for. The holiday edition comes with snow white crushed glass plus reindeer moss and a shiny gem in your choice of red or blue. Putting together this kit takes just a couple of minutes and you’ll have an awesome, hassle-free holiday centerpiece.

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The Arrowhead is our very own unique terrarium design, featuring three beautiful air plants. The holiday edition includes super cute winter decorations for Christmas or Hannukah. Since air plants are “epiphytes,” they don’t need to grow in soil – they just hang out anywhere there’s bright light and suck nutrients out of the air. To water your air plants, just soak them in a bowl of clean water for 30 minutes each week and they’ll be happy. You can check out our blog article on how to take care of air plants.

The Arrowhead Holiday Edition kit includes:

You may also find the regular edition of The Arrowhead on We also sell replacement air plants for your Arrowhead terrarium here.


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