The Beatlejuice

$36 (No longer available, please contact us if you really really want it.)

Get your desk or windowsill ready for Halloween with The Beatlejuice. The Beatlejuice is as creepy and cute as it is easy to take care of. This succulent terrarium kit includes a smaller, 5″ version of our Sideways glass vessel, pebbles and activated charcoal, spooky black sand, some orange and green gemstones, and the coolest succulent you ever did see – Euphorbia Ferox! The Euphorbia Ferox has long spikes that go from purple to orange growing out of a juicy green trunk.

The kit includes everything you need to put together what’s in the photo. All you have to do to assemble the Beatlejuice is add some pebbles and charcoal at the bottom of the glass, position the succulent plant, fill the vessel with sand, then say “Beatlejuice” three times fast. We’ll post instructions soon. Tim Burton called, he said he likes it juicy.

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