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This fancy-pants vintage-style DIY kit is not for the birds. The Birdcage is, of course, an antique-style metal birdcage planter to house 5 juicy succulents of your choice. We’ve designed the easiest way to plant succulents into the cage, using our very own Juicy Dirt Bag – a bag of cactus mix made of landscaping fabric. Just cut a hole in the top of bag and plant your succulents. The Juicy Dirt Bag is durable, yet breathable to let water and nutrients reach your plants. This aviary can hang or sit indoors or outdoor. The Birdcage kit includes a 12″ metal birdcage, a large Juicy Dirt Bag, preserved moss, and 5 succulents of your choice.

Download easy instructions for The Birdcage.

Please note that The Birdcage is a hanging planter that drains water through the bottom, so don’t water while it’s hanging over something that can be water damaged. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. LOL!

Orders $150 and above receive free domestic shipping! Sorry, we’re not allowed to ship plants outside of the continental US.

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