The Bulbosa Buddies


The Bulbosa Buddies are a pair of Tillandsia Bulbosa air plants that hang out wherever you do. They’re pretty much the coolest little dudes, measuring around 4-6 inches tall. They have deep green tentacle-like leaves that merge into an olive colored “bulb.” When in bloom, the bulbosa have vividly colored blossoms with that go from hot pink to purple and yellow. Taking care of air plants is even easier than succulents – just soak them in water once a week and they’ll be happy.

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Since air plants are “epiphytes,” they don’t need to grow in soil – they just hang out anywhere there’s bright light and suck nutrients out of the air. They’re really easy to care for – just soak them in a bowl of clean water for 30 minutes each week and they’ll be happy. You can check out our blog article on how to take care of air plants.


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