The D20


Every facet of The D20 air plant terrarium is fascinating, just like the fantasy role playing game that inspired its name. The D20 is a hanging 20-sided “icosahedron” glass terrarium with white or black glass chips and one of the coolest air plants we've ever seen – the Tillandsia caput-medusea or “Medusa's Head” air plant. Since the D20 can hang or sit on flat surfaces, this mythic-rare creature will bring any home, office, or fantasy empire under its juicy spell.

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The D20’s 20-sided glass terrarium is almost 5″ around and it can hang or sit on any flat surface.

The complete D20 kit includes

  • Hand blown 20-sided glass terrarium
  • 5-7 inch Tillandsia caput-medusae air plant
  • Just enough glass chips in Onyx Black or Snow White
  • 2 tufts of purple and chartreuse preserved moss
  • 6 feet of nylon hanging string

Flowering Tillandsia caput-medusae or "Medusa's Head" air plantTillandsia caput-medusae air plants are as twisted as they are plump. Their bulbous bodies and twisted, pointed leaves are covered with a fine silver fuzz. When in bloom in the Spring and Summer, they have amazingly bright colored blossoms, or inflorescences, that range from red to hot pink. Check out this great pic from Wikipedia.

Since the Tillandsia caput-medusae are epiphytes, they don’t need to grow in soil – they just hang out anywhere there’s bright light and suck nutrients out of the air. They’re really easy to care for – just soak them in a bowl of clean water for 30 minutes each week and they’ll be happy. You can check out our blog article on how to take care of air plants.


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