The Drifter

$98 (No longer available, please contact us if you really really want it.)

The Drifter is a gorgeous natural centerpiece for your Autumn dinner table, home or office. We’ve painstakingly selected the best looking pieces of driftwood and designed the easiest way to plant in it, using our custom-designed Juicy Dirt Bag – a small bag of cactus mix made of landscaping fabric. Just poke a hole in the bag and insert your succulent cutting. The Juicy Dirt Bag is durable, yet breathable to let water and nutrients reach your plants. You choose three succulents to go with one large air plant.

The kit includes a 10-12″ piece of driftwood, a small Juicy Dirt Bag, preserved moss, a large Vernicosa air plant and three succulents of your choice. Each piece of would will be unique, but we only choose the ones that are perfect for planting.

Orders $150 and above receive free domestic shipping! Sorry, we’re not allowed to ship plants outside of the continental US.


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