The Fez Cube Succulent Planter
The Fez Cube Succulent Planter in Cool GrayThe Fez Cube Succulent Planter in Cool GrayThe Fez Cube Succulent PlanterThe Fez Cube Succulent Planter in Warm GrayThe Fez Cube Succulent Planter in Warm GrayThe Fez Cube Succulent PlanterThe Fez Cube Succulent PlanterThe Fez Cube Succulent PlanterDrainage Hole for The Fez Cube Succulent PlanterBottom of The Fez Cube Succulent PlanterBlack lava rock for bonsai succulents

The Fez


Add a little texture to your succulent collection with The Fez succulent planter. Name after the spectacular ancient city of Fez, this 4.5″ cube planter has a beautiful Moroccan-style pattern and a warm or cool gray colored glaze. It also features two succulents that you can choose from our menu, jet black lava rock topping, and plenty of cactus soil to build a gorgeous miniature garden.

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Choose Up to 2 Plants

Choose up to 2 plants from our Succulents Menu to ship with your kit (Example: 11, 23, 40). If you choose less than 2 plants, we’ll pick the rest for you. Leave blank if you want us to choose the perfect bouquet of plants for you. Show me how!

Add a Heat Pack for Your Plants?

It’s getting cold in parts of the US! Would you like to add an optional 72-hour heat pack to keep your plants warm during shipping? Learn more about heat packs.

Save Up To 50% on Accessories

Get up to 50% off accessories when you add them to this kit. Some items such as moss or sand require that you specify the color during checkout.

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Product Description

Each kit includes:

  • 4.5″ warm or cool gray glazed ceramic pot with drainage
  • two succulent from our succulents menu
  • 1 lb. potting soil blend
  • 8 oz. jet black lava rock topping
  • A square of bonsai mesh to keep soil from falling through the drainage hole
  • A cute little blank note card with instructions on the back

See all the details about the standard DIY terrarium kit materials that come in each kit.

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