The Sideways


The Sideways looks like a huge stemless merlot glass with a slanted opening. It’s 6″ wide and almost 7″ tall. Named after the movie, The Sideways is the perfect table mate for wining and dining your guests. The Sideways DIY kit comes with a little bit more than enough of everything you need to assemble this terrarium, including 3 succulents of your choice. If you’re looking for a something smaller, check out Baby Sideways!

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Choose Up to 3 Plants

Choose up to 3 plants from our Plant Selection to ship with your kit (Example: 11, 23, 40). If you choose less than 3 plants, we’ll pick the rest for you. Leave blank if you want us to choose the perfect bouquet of plants for you. Show me how!

Save Up To 50% on Accessories

Get up to 50% off accessories when you add them to this kit. Some items such as moss or sand require that you specify the color during checkout.

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Each kit includes:

  • The glass vessel and succulents, of course!
  • Pebbles for drainage
  • Activated Charcoal to keep drained water clean
  • potting soil blend
  • Biodegradable divider sheet separates soil from drainage
  • Preserved moss to use as decorative ground cover
  • Cute blank greeting card with kit instructions
  • Optional terrarium accessories

See all the details about the standard DIY terrarium kit materials that come in each kit.



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