The Succulent Six Pack


Get really juicy with The Succulent Six Pack, six of your favorite plants from our Succulents Menu. The Six Pack gives you a good variety of plants to start a new terrarium project and we’ve got some fresh varieties that you can’t find in most stores. Plants come freshly packed with their root balls intact in a bed of shredded paper, so they stay dry and protected during shipping. Our farm-fresh succulents are also available in packs of three.

Orders $150 and above receive free domestic shipping! Sorry, we’re not allowed to ship plants outside of the continental US.

Choose Up to 6 Plants

Choose up to 6 plants from our Succulents Menu to ship with your kit (Example: 11, 23, 40). If you choose less than 6 plants, we’ll pick the rest for you. Leave blank for Chef’s Choice. Show me how!

Add A Heat Pack?

Brrrr, it’s cold in some parts of the US! Would you like to add an optional 72-hour heat pack to keep your plants warm during shipping? You only need one for each order. Learn more about heat packs.